Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a real estate agent to build or buy a Superb Custom Home?
A: This decision is a personal choice for each home buyer, based on your comfort level. Realtors can provide valuable services during the home building or buying process and we have strong relationships with many brokers and agents in the Metro Detroit area. However, we work with customers without agents, as well. In an effort to best support our customers, we also offer real estate brokerage services through Richard Kligman’s brokerage firm, Encore Real Estate. We can assist you in finding and procuring land, and in marketing and selling your existing home, as necessary.
Q: We do not yet own a lot but we know we want to build a custom home. Can you help us locate a lot?
A: Finding land in the Metro Detroit area can be challenging. However, Richard Kligman’s real estate brokerage company, Encore Real Estate or your Realtor can assist with lot availability and feasibility questions.
Q: We own our own lot. Can Superb Custom Homes build on it?
A: Yes. Superb Custom Homes coordinates with our engineering team to evaluate your lot through various tests and surveys. We work with you, and either one of our architects or an architect of your choosing, to make any design changes that will enhance the enjoyment of your home. The lot size will be a consideration in determining which design is right for you. We can provide you with one of our plans, which can be customized, or we can design a one-of-a-kind custom home to suit your needs and chosen lot.
 Q: How do we obtain financing to build our home on our lot?
A: A custom home built on a lot which you own is financed through a construction loan. We can arrange for you to meet with one of our suggested lenders to begin the process. Or, you can make arrangements with your own lender. Part of the construction loan package is an agreement by the lender to pay Superb Custom Homes on a scheduled basis as work progresses on your home. We will review this agreement prior to starting construction on your home, and we will notify the lender each time one of the scheduled work completion phases is completed. Your lender will send an inspector to the site to verify that the work is complete, and will then pay Superb Custom Homes for the completed work. When your Superb Custom Home is completed, you can negotiate with a lender to secure a mortgage and pay off your construction loan.
 Q: How do we get started with designing the custom home of our dreams?
A: Superb Custom Homes works with a number of residential architects in the Metro Detroit area. We will be glad to suggest one who will best meet your needs. We will meet with you and the architect to develop design and budget criteria, and monitor the development of the custom design to make sure all design and budget criteria are met. You can select from one of our existing home plans, modify an existing plan, or we can design a completely new plan to suit your needs. If we design a completely new plan, this design is then yours, for your use in contracting the home.
Q: Certain aspects of our future custom home are more important than others. How can we make sure that our needs are met?
A: At Superb Custom Homes, the design development phase can vary anywhere from one to several months. During this time, numerous meetings are held between the architect, interior designer (if one is involved) and Richard Kligman, your builder. We focus on those areas of design and budgeting that are most important to you. Superb Custom Homes makes extensive use of pre-selections and quotations to establish your comfort level in the many components which make up your home.
Q: Why do options cost more than at a home improvement store?
A: You may well find that certain options, fixtures or materials, are cheaper at one of the home improvement discount stores. Few vendors order enough parts from a manufacturer to receive the pricing break of a national chain. But keep in mind that those prices do not necessarily include all the items necessary for installation of that particular fixture or component. Additionally, they do not include the builder’s risk, administrative tasks, scheduling, insurance, coordination with other trades, damage done by other trades, delivery of the fixture or material, etc.
Q: How and when do I make final selections for the components and finishes which become part of my home?
A: Superb Custom Homes has developed a schedule for client selections, which is tied to certain stages or milestones of the actual construction schedule for your home. This way, your efforts are maximized in evaluating and selecting the best components for your home, and seamlessly integrating them into the construction of your home. Superb Custom Homes makes extensive use of the numerous showrooms, samples and websites provided by manufacturers and their vendors who are a part of our team. You may also choose to contract with an interior designer to help you with the selection process. We can provide you with a referral for designers we have worked with in the past, or you can find your own.
Q: What happens if I want to make changes during the course of construction?
A: One of the purposes for a standard schedule of client selections is to anticipate and provide an opportunity for client review and changes. This minimizes the potential impact of delays as a result of any last-minute changes. Of course, changes can take place anytime, but their cost can be minimized by up front preparation. Superb Custom Homes will inform you of additional costs, extended time frames, and any other effects of any proposed changes to assist you in determining whether you want to move forward with a particular change.
Q: How can I monitor the progress of construction on our custom home?
A: Superb Custom Homes will keep you informed through regularly scheduled selection and progress meetings, and on-going email updates. We recognize the importance of regular communication and your participation to achieving total customer satisfaction. We encourage your active involvement and are eager to answer questions to assure a smooth and enjoyable home building experience.
Q: How does Superb Custom Homes turn over a home to their client?
A: Prior to completion of your new home, Superb Custom Homes will notify you of the planned date of home delivery, as part of our regular communication process. Depending on the complexity of your project, two to three weeks before this delivery date, your Project Manager will arrange for a progress meeting where an orientation and demonstration of your home will take place. Superb Custom Homes provides an opportunity for their clients to generate a Homeowner Walkthrough Inspection List, which we will then use to prepare your home for final delivery.
Q: What happens at contract settlement, and what are my responsibilities?
A: As per our Home Completion process, we will notify you in advance to contact all utility companies prior to your occupancy, to have service transferred to your name as of the date of your delivery and settlement. You will also need to contact your lender for any last minute requirements. It will be necessary for you to purchase homeowner’s insurance on the property, with your lender listed as the beneficiary on the policy. Your lender will provide the specific information needed to satisfy this condition.