Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have a home which we love, but we would like to make remodeling updates. How can Superb Custom Remodeling help us?


A: We are glad to sit down with you and discuss the enhancements you would like to make to your home. We will coordinate with, either our architectural team or an architect of your choosing, to prepare architectural drawings. Once changes are approved, we will present you with a proposal detailing costs. Once you give us the go-ahead, we start the process to modify your existing home into the home of your dreams.

Q: How do we obtain financing to cover the costs of renovation?


A: Depending on the budget, scope of the project, and your cash position, a remodeling project may qualify for financing through a loan. We can arrange for you to meet with one of our suggested lenders to begin the process. Or, you can make arrangements with your own lender. Part of the remodeling loan package is an agreement by the lender to pay Superb Custom Remodeling on a scheduled basis as work progresses on your home. We will review this agreement prior to starting renovation work on your home, and will notify the lender each time one of the scheduled work phases is completed. Your lender will likely send an inspector to the site to verify that the work is complete, and will then pay us for the completed work.


Q: How do we get started with designing the renovation?


A: We work with a number of residential architects in the Metro Detroit area and are glad to suggest one who will best meet your needs. We will meet with you and the architect to develop design and budget criteria. Superb Custom Remodeling monitors the development of the custom design to make sure all design and budget criteria are met. If changes are made to an existing plan, their cost will be included within the cost of the remodeling contract. Optionally, you may choose to contract with an interior designer to assist with the remodeling design and selection process. We can recommend a designer or you can contract with a designer of you own choosing. We will coordinate with you, the designer, and the architect to create your desired renovation.

Q: How and when do I make final selections for the components and finishes which become part of my home?

A: Superb Custom Remodeling has a schedule for client selections, which is tied to certain stages or milestones of the actual remodeling schedule for your home. This way, your efforts are maximized in evaluating and selecting the best components for your home, and seamlessly integrating them into the project.  We make extensive use of our suppliers’ showrooms, samples and websites to support you in the selection process.

Q:  How can I monitor the progress of our remodeling project?

A:  Superb Custom Remodeling will keep you informed through regularly scheduled selection and progress meetings, and on-going email updates. We recognize the importance of regular communication and your participation to achieving total customer satisfaction. We encourage your active involvement and are eager to answer questions to assure a smooth and enjoyable home building experience.

Q:  What happens if I want to make changes during the course of construction?

A:  We create a schedule for the renovation project, which we will share with you, in an effort to ensure a smooth process.  Inevitably, the need for changes may arise. It’s important to recognize that depending on the stage of the process, changes can create delays and increased cost. However, with regular and good communication, we can minimize the potential impact of delays as a result of any last-minute changes.  We will inform you of additional costs, extended time frames, and any other effects of any proposed changes to assist you in determining whether you want to move forward with any particular change.

Q:  What level of disruption can I expect to our living situation, if we are living in our home during the remodeling process?

A:  We will strive to minimize dust, noise, and disruption to your living situation. However, depending on the rooms involved and the scope of work, you should expect that your regular living situation will be impacted. For example, you can expect that trades will need access to your home at particular times – we will do our best to coordinate trade availability and the steps in the process, along with your schedule.  You can also expect dust, debris, odors (paint, stain), and noise, at different points in time. We work with our trades to minimize disruption, as best as possible, but this can be challenging at times. A good channel of communication is important between you - our customer, our trades, and us to assure that disruption to your living situation is minimized. 

Q:  What happens at contract settlement, and what are my responsibilities?

A:  We will notify you throughout the renovation process of progress and estimated completion date. If you are using a lender, you will need to contact your lender for any last minute requirements for the final payment.