The Superb Custom Homes’ Build Process

At Superb Custom Homes, we believe that the process of building or renovating a home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience.  It is more than just steps to get to a finished home.  It represents over three generations providing a high level of experience, award-winning design and a long-term commitment to homeowner care.  To build great homes consistently, we have developed a building process that is documented and followed with each home we build. It allows us to make certain you are always involved, informed and satisfied with your new home. There are basically TEN steps we go through to get to the completed home.

1.  Introduction & Orientation
  • • Meeting of client and builder to provide an overview of our customer services and listen to your wants, needs and lifestyle goals.
  • • Review Superb Custom Homes’ “customer team” approach.
  • • Review and discuss your budget expectations.
  • • Determine design path, depending on your needs.
  • • Discuss your preferred method of communication (phone, text, e-mail).
2.  Home Site Selection or Orientation
  • • Discuss client’s existing or desired home site elements.  Once the location has been chosen, the client and our team will begin the evaluation process of the land paying special attention to home placement, views, natural landscaping, etc.
  • • Review impact to design, based on features, topography, and constraints of a property.
  • • Discuss our ability to provide real estate services to find the ideal home site, if needed.
3.  Design Process
  • • Develop design parameters – Concept design direction, relevant site considerations, and budget guidelines.
  • • Discuss design and construction standards
  • • Select appropriate architect and/or designer based upon your needs.
  • • Determine the required client Pre-Selections necessary to link budget and concept design.
4.  Estimated Budget
  • • Prepare budget based upon design development, Pre-Selections and defined specifications.
  • • Review and evaluate estimate for design and specification implications.
  • • Determine the client’s value perception associated with the estimated costs for Pre-Selections and specifications.  Revise specifications and/or design at your direction.
5.  Final Design Package
  • • Develop Working Design, reflecting all design and budget revisions.
  • • Present, review and sign Contract Documents and receive the initial deposit during our Contract Session.
  • • Obtain loan commitment from your lender, or one of our suggested lenders, as necessary.
  • • Develop and determine Exterior Color and Component selections.
  • • Obtain architectural approvals for your community.
6.  Contract Review & Construction Schedule
  • • Review Contract Documents and our contract administration policies.
  • • Review contract specifications, Schedule of Client Selections, and Constructions Milestones.
  • • Attend Pre-Construction meeting to review contract administration policies and procedures, develop action plan for Client Selections, and review startup schedule for construction.
7.  Construction Begins
  • • Locate house position and elevation on site. Review tree removal and grading issues.
  • • Continue series of meetings with our key trade partners and/or your interior designer for review and selection of finishes, fixtures and components.
  • • Upon building permit approval, break ground for construction of your new home!
  • • Client completes first series of client selections.
8.   The Build
  • Clients will begin to enjoy seeing their home take shape as they witness the different stages of construction.  Those stages include:
    • • Lot Clearing
    • • Foundation
    • • Framing
    • • Rough Mechanicals (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC)
    • • Wall Finishes (Insulation and Drywall)
    • • Interior/Exterior Finishes
    • • Fixture Installation
    • • Total Home Completion
  • Our custom home team will meet with the client on a regular basis throughout the stages of construction, to ensure there is clear communication.
9.  Quality Inspection and Acceptance
  • • Receive target completion date from Superb Custom Homes regarding 60-day delivery date.
  • • Begin to finalize your final mortgage closing (if applicable) and arrangements.
  • • Superb Custom Homes conducts our inspection and performs touchup and adjustments.
  • • Obtain final (or temporary) Certificate of Occupancy from municipal or county authorities.
  • • Attend Home Orientation and Delivery progress meeting to review operating systems and maintenance.
  • • Prepare list of any items requiring touchup or adjustments during this meeting.
  • • Attend the final home inspection, whereby you accept the home.  Close on home and contract.
10.  Your Warranty Service
  • • Review your handy reference guide – Exhibit B Limited Warranty – prior to submission of Warranty Service Request form for 60-day    and 11-month warranty service.
  • • Superb Custom Homes schedules and performs 60-day warranty service visit.
  • • Superb Custom Homes schedules and performs 11-month warranty service visit.
  • • Provide Superb Custom Homes with customer feedback by completing Customer Comments Survey form.